Scholarship holders coming from the EU countries use the European Health Insurance Card for health insurance and don’t need to apply for public health insurance in Slovakia. In this case it is recommended to consider a commercial supplementary insurance (supplementary insurance is not covered by the Slovak National CEEPUS Office and is to be paid by the scholarship holder themself).

As CEEPUS is based on an international treaty, foreign students and PhD students coming to Slovakia from non‑EU countries within the CEEPUS Programme are publicly insured by law. They are obliged to submit application for public health insurance within 8 days after their arrival in the Slovak Republic. For the application it is necessary to have a Confirmation of Stay and Study of Foreign Student in the Slovak language which will be provided by the Slovak National CEEPUS Office.

There are three public health insurance companies in Slovakia:

Dôvera zdravotná posiťovňa, a.s.

Union zdravotná posiťovňa, a.s.

Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa, a.s.

In case of teacher mobility from non‑EU country, the scholarship holder shall conclude health insurance themselves depending on the length of their stay. Health insurance can be concluded either at home country or in Slovakia, but must be valid for the territory of the Slovak Republic during the whole stay. Health insurance costs can be reimbursed by the Slovak National CEEPUS Office after submitting a written Application for Reimbursement not later than on the final day of the stay, enclosed shall be following documents: copy of health insurance policy (insurance card) and the confirmation of payment.