Dear scholarship holders,

due to the current situation with spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-2019 in Slovakia and the temporary closure of the majority of our universities (mostly from 9th March to 23rd March 2020), we would like to notify you that SAIA, n. o., has to suspend all in-person scholarship payments in the timeframe between 10th March and 23rd March 2020.

Our inability to pay the scholarships in person is connected with the fact that some of our SAIA regional offices are located within the closed universities or student dormitories and therefore we are not able to ensure the payments in person during the mentioned time period. Owing to this, instead of paying out the scholarships in person we have decided to pay the due scholarships to the bank accounts of our scholarship holders. To be able to do so, the necessary forms to be filled with your bank account details and to be sent back to us scanned via e-mail will be sent to you upon request.

Please note that due to the overall situation all the scholarships will be paid to your bank accounts only after delivering the originals of the final documents from your mobility stay.

Additionally, please stay in touch with your CEEPUS coordinator/International Relations Office of the host university in Slovakia/responsible person at the host university in Slovakia regarding the situation at the universities in Slovakia about when the education activities will be renewed, when the universities will be accepting foreign teachers and students again and for when to move your stay if you are affected by the current situation.

Thank you for your understanding and should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us any time via e-mail: or telephone: 00421 2 59 30 47 35